Discipline, Suspensions, and Expulsions


Wisconsin public schools have a responsibility to ensure schools are safe places to learn. The Department of Public Instruction provides consultation, technical assistance, and resources to support schools in this endeavor and reduce the need for reactive discipline that excludes students from school.

The Department of Public Instruction funds the Wisconsin Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Network through the Cooperative Educational Services Agencies (CESAs). The Wisconsin PBIS Network provides support and technical assistance to schools in implementing and sustaining PBIS.

Below are Department of Public Instruction publications and other resources to support schools' efforts to provide safe learning environments.



Answers to Frequently Asked School Discipline Questions. (2012)

Alternatives to Expulsion: Case Studies of Wisconsin School Districts. (2009)

Information for parents of expelled students. My Child's Been Expelled...Now What? (2013) Also available in Spanish

Multiple Responses, Promising Results: Evidence-Based, Nonpunitive Alternatives to Zero Tolerance

Wisconsin PBIS Network

Samples: 1) Checklist for expulsion process, 2) letter of expulsion hearing notice, 3) a cover letter to accompany the expulsion order, and 4) an expulsion order. These are examples, and local school boards under guidance of competent counsel should adapt them to their own district policy and practices.

For questions about this information, call the Student Services/Prevention and Wellness Helpline at (608)266-8960, or email dpisspw@dpi.wi.gov.



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