Human Growth and Development


April 2012 Update

Recent legislation has resulted in extensive changes to Wisconsin Statute sec. 118.019. These changes are effective immediately.

For more information about the new law:
Division for Learning Support Human Growth and Development memo
Human Growth and Development Frequently Asked Questions
Human Growth and Development Comparison Chart

Recent data for 3.0 Profile of Wisconsin Youth can be found within a joint document between the Department of Health Services and the Department of Public Instruction titled Wisconsin Youth Sexual Behavior and Outcomes. This publication summarizes data for Wisconsin teenagers on the following topics: sexual behavior and abstinence; sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS; and births.


Sex Offender Registry and Criminal Penalties Resources

Sex offender registry website:
Wisconsin Statute 301.45 (sex offender registration begins on page 21)
Chapter 948, Criminal Penalties for engaging in sexual activities involving a child (please note the descriptive nature of the material. A locally determined, age appropriate summary of this information is necessary):
Reporting Requirements for Sexually Active Adolescents:


Human Growth and Development: A Resource Packet to Assist School Districts in Program Development, Implementation, and Assessment

May 2012

This resource packet was designed to help local school districts develop, review, and address issues related to their human growth and development (HGD) program. Also, this packet will help in building a multi-strategy approach to dealing with youth risk behaviors and promoting the health, well-being, and positive development of students. The resource packet can serve a number of positive purposes for local school districts to enhance the development of HGD program.

The resource packet is currently being revised for a 5th edition. Several of the sections of the 4th edition must be updated to reflect the requirements of the Human Growth and Development law passed in 2012. Please contact Lori Stern at for more information.


Other Student Services, Health, and Safety Resources


For questions about this information, contact Lori Stern (608) 264-9550