Student Services/Prevention and Wellness: Student Mini-Grant Program

Student Mini-Grant Program

Program Description:
This discretionary grant program supports student-planned projects to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse and related behaviors, and to promote the development of comprehensive school health-related projects. FY 2015/2016 represents the 27th year of this grant program. We anticipate another mini-grant competition in the fall of 2016.

The DPI administers the student mini-grants funded each year.

Funding priority goes to projects that

  • have a high degree of educational value,
  • have potential of extending beyond the life of the grant,
  • will help students make connections between alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse (ATODA) issues and related youth risk behaviors such as traffic safety (or unsafe driving behaviors), unsafe sexual activity, and violence, and
  • are student generated and oriented

Who is Eligible to Apply:
Any group of Wisconsin public school students in grades K-12 can complete the application to describe a prevention or wellness project they are interested in.

Amount of Funds Available:
Maximum awards are $1000 per project. Multiple projects per district are possible.

Application Due Date:
October 16, 2015, to the DPI. (In Milwaukee Public Schools - to Drug Free Schools Office)

For questions about this information, contact Elizabeth Pease (608) 267-9240, Brenda Jennings (608) 266-7051
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