Wisconsin School Health Award

Welcome to the Wisconsin School Health Award

State Superintendent Evers supports the Wisconsin School Health Award as a way to recognize and celebrate schools with policies, programs, and the infrastructure to support and promote healthy eating; physical activity; parental and community involvement; and staff wellness. The goal of this award is to motivate and empower Wisconsin schools as they create and maintain healthy school environments.

Healthy schools create an environment where students can become fit, healthy, and ready to learn! These schools help students achieve their full academic potential as well as supporting them in developing lifelong healthy behaviors. A healthy school provides clear and consistent health messages, accurate health information, and ample opportunity to use it. They recognize that what happens in the classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, at school events, at home, and in the community are interrelated and can reinforce healthy behaviors. Across Wisconsin families, teachers, school administrators, students, and community members are joining forces to promote healthy schools to improve health and academic outcomes.

Is your school interested in applying? Here are some questions to ask about your school. Does your school:

  • Promote healthy nutritional choices?
  • Get students active?
  • Have policies in place to address and promote staff and student wellness?
  • Have a committee to address wellness efforts in your school?
  • Actively involve parents?

If you answered YES to these questions your school may be in line for one of the Wisconsin School Health Awards.

2013 Award Winners

2014 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

The Wisconsin School Health Award requires a school to complete only the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Assessment. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program helps to create and sustain healthy environments where students, especially for those in greatest need, can learn more and flourish. The Healthy Schools Program Framework of Best Practices identifies specific criteria that define a healthy school environment. Through an assessment tool and a customized action plan, the Framework helps schools work towards the Alliance’s National Healthy Schools Award.

Complementary Approach: The CDC and the Alliance have a unified assessment tool, the School Health Index (SHI), to guide school-based obesity prevention and health promotion. The unified benefits include its users by:

  • Eliminating confusion about which evidenced-based assessment tool to use
  • Allowing for the monitoring and alignment of school-based health policies and practices with national surveillance systems
  • Enabling better communication of training and technical assistance across and within the CDC and the Alliance
  • Increasing access to the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program six-step process, which addresses additional areas of school need
  • National Healthy Schools Bronze Award schools automatically qualify for HUSSC bronze award with monetary incentives with each award level, ranging from $500 - $2000.
  • LMAS questions automatically populate the HSP assessment
  • Let’s Move! Active Schools automatically qualify for HUSSC bronze in the following categories:
    Physical Education and Physical Activity
    • No additional paperwork is required during the application process

The CDC retains the full comprehensive School Health Index, continuing to address all six health topics (nutrition, physical activity, unintentional injury and violence prevention, tobacco use prevention, asthma, and sexual health), which can be accessed at cdc.gov/healthyYouth.

The Healthy Schools Program Framework of Best Practices

The Healthy Schools Program website hosts a version of the school health index that includes only the nutrition and physical activity health topics, plus some cross-cutting school health questions. The Healthy Schools Program Framework of Best Practices identifies specific criteria that define a healthy school environment. The Healthy Schools Program Assessment Guide is used to help navigate the Healthy Schools Program Assessment.


  1. Go to https://schools.healthiergeneration.org/
  2. Create a Healthier School Login
  3. Complete the assessment (57 questions). Only the required questions need to be completed. Required and optional will be listed in the upper right hand corner on each question.
  4. Note: if you have completed an inventory in the past your login and password remain the same.
  5. Complete the registration form and send to Elizabeth Pease. This will notify our team what schools are interested in the Wisconsin School Health Award and for us to provide them with technical assistance.
  6. Provide evidence of the following and send via email attachments or mail to Elizabeth Pease by June 1, 2016.
    a. List of school health wellness team to include name and position in district
    b. Wellness policy

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Step-by-Step Guide Documents

How to:

The evaluation team will use a Wisconsin Point System to determine award levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) that is less rigorous than the Alliance award levels.

The Wisconsin School Health Award deadline for completion of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Assessment will be June 1, 2016. The award notification to schools will be on August 22, 2016. The award ceremony will be held the night before the annual WHPE convention (late October). Travel expenses will be paid for by the Department of Public Instruction.

WHPE Membership
Each school that is an award winner will receive one complimentary WHPE membership for one person from that school. If the person designated already has a membership it can be gifted within the school district.

For questions about this information, contact Eileen Hare (608) 267-9234